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Zipcode: 11235.00000000
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When it comes to pampering our clients and providing a unique one of a kind luxury spa experience we are the experts! At Arcana Juventa Anti-Aging Spa our clients receive first class treatment from the moment they walk in the door. With only the finest and most exclusive beauty products on the market you can rest assured that Arcana Juventa Anti-Aging Spa will deliver the best treatments available. Our passion is wellness, and our commitment is beauty, health and confidence.

We offer an array of services ranging from mani & pedi’s to laser hair removal to skin tightening and correcting treatments. Interested in any service or treatment? Click our links below to check out more info, or book a consultation today!

We believe a truly relaxing experience begins with the service our clients receive. We guarantee from the moment you enter you will receive impeccable service paired with a custom tailored treatment approach that is unique to your beauty requirements. At Arcana Juventa Anti-Aging Spa we stress the importance of health. Our team of highly trained and skilled therapists will sit down for a one-on-one consultation to ensure you receive the perfect beauty treatment you deserve.


14 Brighton 11th St, Brooklyn, NY 11235

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